2011-03-06 49 8

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Sun 6 Mar 2011 in 49,8:
49.0356622, 8.0063962

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On a dirt track near Schweighofen



We went to Schweighofen by train. The hashpoint was close by on a dirt track. It would have been easy to follow the street from the station to the beginning of this dirt track. Fivetonsofflax however decided we should jump over a barbed wire fence, cross a paddock, jump over an electric fence, cross another paddock and finally jump over another electric fence to reach the dirt track after we'd already covered half the distance to the hashpoint.

We reached it after a few minutes, took the photos, left a marker and wondered about some really noisy sheep. We were thirsty for more adventure. Therefore we decided not to go back to the station at Schweighofen, but to cross the border to France! As soon as we arrived in the first French town, Altenstadt, we saw cats lingering around, some chicken and many frame houses, so Euterkuh, who had never been to France before, was very astonished by how French France is.

We followed the street to Wissembourg and strolled around for some time looking at the picturesque old town and looking for a nice café to get some French food. We found a small tavern, a bit oldfashioned, where we ate some tarte flambée traditionelle (again, Euterkuh's first time!). When we left for the station, fivetonsofflax's GPS software kept on crashing so we couldn't continue recording our tracklog.





fivetonsofflax earned the Hashcat achievement
by finding a cat and stopping to pat it near the (49, 8) geohash on 2011-03-06.
2011-03-06 49 8 08.JPG