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Sun 6 Mar 2011 in Regensburg, Germany:
49.0356622, 12.0063962

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In a field between Goldberg and Mariaort, northwest of Regensburg.

dawidi with Tomcat and Hans[edit]

Visiting this hashpoint took just a small detour on the bike trip we had planned for today anyway. We met at the footbridge in Mariaort and then cycled uphill first on a road, then on field tracks. Finding the way was not an issue, we had been here a number of times before.

The hashpoint was in a field, but right next to a narrow strip of grass separating it from another field, the strip being perpendicular to the track. We got to within 5m of the exact spot at an accuracy of 3m (that is, well inside the accuracy circle as drawn by my GPS) and declared it acceptably close without trampling into the soft field. Oddly enough, it appears someone did walk across the field and exactly through the hashpoint within the last couple of days.

As there was a cold northerly wind blowing, we didn't spend any more time than necessary at the hash, and instead coasted down to Goldberg and then continued through the Naab valley towards our destination at Kallmünz for a late lunch.

Déjà vu[edit]

Once again, I (dawidi) would like to offer photographic proof-ish of having walked the track going past this hashpoint at least once previously. On 2000-06-22, I walked through the night with my Dad and some relative of my Mom to watch the sunrise at the edge of the forest on the next hill to the north, and about an hour after sunrise, walked back on this track and took a picture of them right next to the hashpoint. I cannot show you that photo, since I don't have their authorization, but I can tell you that the field in question was about shoulder-high with not-yet-blossomed-out rapeseed at that time, and I have another "before-after" picture taken very close to the hashpoint:

(I'm not taking the ribbon this time, as the proof is not as good as on 2008-09-29 49 11, but I'm looking forward to other hashpoints with perfect proof... I've taken so many pictures since 1998 it's bound to happen sooner or later ;-)