2011-03-06 41 -75

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Sun 6 Mar 2011 in 41,-75:
41.0356622, -75.0063962

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Worthington State Park, along the Delaware River in New Jersey.




Jevanyn: I'll either head out Saturday night with the intention of being there at midnight Sunday, or bring Gwynnath and Evan on Sunday during the day. It's complicated.


For lack of a track-log.... My route was

  • US-206 N
  • I-80 West to exit 12
about 17 miles
  • Warren County 521 N
about 5.5 miles to a tee
  • Westerly on NJ 94 S
about five miles
  • Mohican Rd. N
three miles to a tee
  • Gaisler Rd. SW
about 1 mile
  • Camp Mohican Rd
Camp Rd. on Google Maps; gravel

I stopped at a large sign for Camp Mohican, which is where the road leads and terminates. That stop is the relatively large clearing along the road, west of the 41st parallel.


I went out Saturday, leaving home at about 10:30PM. I added $20 of gas to the car, which at today's rate got me slightly over 6 gallons. In metric units, that still sucks.

The geohash was in the vicinity of Blairstown in Warren County, where my best friend from college lived at the time. It was a very strange experience, with part of my brain telling me I'd been there a hundred times before, and the other part telling me that it had been 20 years and all of (County Road) 521 had probably been rebuilt since my last visit. I know the slightly scary one-lane bridge, over a small valley, was now two, one-lane bridges. I also wondered when was the last time my friend had himself visited.

The geohash was a few miles past the town, off a road to the Mohican camp site along the upper Delaware, where I arrived by 11:45. Which was about as close as I got. I walked up a side road to a couple of storage buildings, not really a public space but the whole camping complex was essentially closed to the public for the winter. I hoping to find a trail or something leading in the direction of the hashpoint, but I had not planned on how to traverse the woods, alone at night, and return to the complex/road. The further I walked, as the time approached midnight, the more I realized I was just a guy with a cell phone, a toy flashlight, and a bad back. The overcast hid both the stars and the moon from sight overhead, taking away more clues to navigate by.

After further review[edit]

...it's a really good thing I didn't go any further than the canoe yard. About 100 yards west, there is a creek, and the geohash would have been a 200 foot climb from there.

But that's still a better approach than from Old Mine Road, which runs along the Delaware River side. That would have required a 600-foot climb over the ridge, then down the other side to the geohash.

Also, while at the canoe depot, the direction my GPS was suggesting as "toward the hash-point" turns out to have been due north, which would have taken me further from the geohash.


I didn't take any, as I didn't approach close enough to take pictures of anything. I should have taken pictures of some of the signage, but that can wait for a more successful expedition.