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Wed 2 Mar 2011 in Norwich:
52.5684020, 1.1920067

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On a farm track north east of the Lotus Cars, Hethel Factory near Norwich, Norfolk, UK.




Sourcerer (Neil), having a few minutes to spare before the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club meeting in Norwich, added a few miles by visiting the geohash. The first attempt was foiled by finishing up in the access road to the Lotus Car plant. This is an interesting place to visit but not at 19:30 in the dark. Beyond the factory, this road was closed to vehicles but bicycles could get through.

After a bit of a detour the second access route turned out to be a private road to Hall Road Farm.

The third option, approaching from the north was a success. There was a farm track without "No Entry" signs. It was possible to park on the side of this track and the hash was just over 300 metres south on the grassy verge of the muddy track. Success. Droid said 2 metres and Garmin said zero.

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Ate at myponga.png
Sourcerer earned the Stealth Geohash
by arriving unobserved under cover of darkness. (52, 1) geohash on 2011-03-02.

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Sourcerer's Expedition Links[edit]

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