2011-03-02 49 11

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Wed 2 Mar 2011 in Nürnberg:
49.5684020, 11.1920067

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A residental area in Eckental-Eschenau




Another walking geohash for me, and what an easy one. It was about one kilometer away from my school and I even had some free time without lessons in the morning. Furthermore it was a very beautiful day, sunny without any clouds, only the temperature could have been a bit higher.

So I took a satnav, my hashcot and a camera to school, took a nice walk in my spare time and reached the coordinates at about 10:30. While taking some photos (I’m sorry, I failed in photographing my satnav, the picture is blurred) at the spot (it was next to a residental street) and writing a marker on the back of my peeron printout, I must have acted very suspicious, so an old woman came out of her house and asked me, what I was doing. I explained to her and had a nice talk about privacy, especially about "the modern youth and their way of not caring about their privacy on the internet".

Afterwards I returned to school while taking some more photos with Fedja as model, but by taking another way (that was not even further) I could claim the tron achievement. Also this is the town I have been living the last 18 years, so I were course at the hashpoint before, but have no proof of it.



pbnoxious earned the Walk geohash Achievement
by reaching the (49, 11) geohash on 2011-03-02 on foot, travelling a distance of 2km.