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2011-02-17 51 12

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Thu 17 Feb 2011 in 51,12:
51.3744886, 12.4122742

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[edit] Location

On the sidewalk of a road in Leipzig-Mockau.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Expedition

The hashpoint was so nicely located on or next to a road in Leipzig that Reinhard's decision to visit Manu on Thursday night was even enforced. He brought his old bike (old enough not to be stolen when locked somewhere in the city) and started the short trip from Manu's flat together with her. Following major roads they quickly arrived at the hashpoint after cycling less than 6 km and found it to be exactly on top of a thick stump. Interesting that hashpoints so often appear to be right at a stump, not only when the hashpoint ist located in a forest. Having no bigger plans for the evening, Manu and Reinhard stopped at a place called "billiard factory" on their way back, where Reinhard successfully payed Manu back for recent billiard defeats.

[edit] Photos

Coordinates reached.  
Reinhard, Manu, Wischi and Procter sitting at the hashpoint.  
Our bikes and the crossing next to the hashpoint.  
Visited the billiard factory afterwards.