2011-02-15 49 -123

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Tue 15 Feb 2011 in 49,-123:
49.9953663, -123.1387007

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A soggy forest just off the Sea to Sky Highway.


user:thepiguy and MylSh had already planned to spend the day climbing rocks in Squamish, so when a Geohash appeared only 30km farther north, it would have been irresponsible not to go!

Shortly before 11:00 they arrived at a plowed turnaround at the end of Retta Lake road, only 150m from the geohash. Was it a parking lot? Was it part of the road? Was it even legal to leave their vehicle here? "Well," figured thepiguy "the nearest town is Whistler, so how fast could they possibly get a tow truck out here?"

The two clandestine geohashers quickly donned their cold weather geohashing gear and sprinted over the snow berm heading down into the forest. With all the grace of an inebriated three-legged rhinoceros they post-holed their way through the deep snow, dodging trees and discovering several small streams. After making a detour around a vaguely lake shaped depression they stormed up a hill and did a frantic gps dance.

Mission complete, they sprinted back along their path, retracing their ill-planned steps and arrived back at the hash mobile in under 30 minutes from the time they left. They quickly changed out of their soaking shoes and returned to Squamish before anyone could report an abandoned vehicle left on the side of the road.