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Tue 15 Feb 2011 in Atlanta:
33.9953663, -84.1387007

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On someones house in Duluth Georgia.


Drive there on my way home from work.


I follow Google map directions from Peachtree industrial to the house where the Geohash spot it at. I looked at Google maps earlier to know that the hash spot was almost dead center to a house. I was kind of hoping that this was yet another foreclosure home so I could walk my way around the house to hopefully get within the required 10 meters.

I got my hopes up when I drove past the house to see that the house was completely dark. I drove past the house then turned around and parked next to the driveway.

I hopped out of my truck and started to walk up the driveway. At that time I noticed that there was a faint light in the interior of the house. If there is electricity to the house, someone lives there.

I decided to walk up to the front door to knock on it too see if I could have permission to walk around the house. Hopefully nobody would be home. I knocked and waited.... I knocked again and waited.

Standing at the front door I noticed that I was 23 feet from the geohash spot. That is well within the 10 meters. I pulled out my camera and snapped off a few pictures of my eTrex.

Just as I was putting my camera back into it's carrying case, the front porch light came on. I was about to walk off but I though better and should explain why I was there.

Another 15 seconds or so pass and finally the door opens. The door opens and a guy in his late 20's early 30's speaks right out and says, "I'm not going to buy anything that you are selling". I said "Well, good because I'm not selling anything."

I then start into my short version of geohashing. I didn't think that he would need the long version.

I then ask for permission to take a few pictures of my eTrex. I didn't tell him that I had snapped a few pictures standing at the door because in the almost 10 minutes it took for him to get to the door, I had assumed that nobody was home.

I start to unzip my camera from the case and he starts right out with "No, you may not take any pictures of my property. As a matter of fact I don't want you on my property and you need to get off of it right now." as he slings his arm up with his finger pointed to the street inches from my face.

Of all of the more than 150 doors I have knocked on in my Geohashing career, I have never had anyone act as strange and odd as this guy.

I looked at the guy kind of strange for a second than looked at his finger inches from my head. I started to zip back up my camera case and he nearly yells out "You need to leave NOW!". I turn my back to him and start to walk off.

I make it off his little porch area and to the driveway. As I walk down the driveway with him watching my every step, he yells out, "You better not take be taking any pictures of my property".... It is now on.......

I start unzipping the camera case and as I make it to the street I turn around standing in the street, I hold up my camera and take two pictures. I made sure that the flash was on when I turned the camera on.

The guy shouts out "I'm calling the cops" and slams the front door. I guess he doesn't know that Google already has better pictures of his house than I do. [1]

I sit there in my truck for a few seconds waiting for him to peak out a window or come back to the front door. I thought better of it and decided just to leave and go home.

I then drive the 5 miles back to Norcross.