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Sun 13 Feb 2011 in 50,10:
50.6023521, 10.8647813

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In the Thuringian forest, close to the famous Rennsteig and near Allzunah.



Great things we could have done... we could have walked there, we could have gone by ski... but in the end, we were lazy and Reinhard drove us there just before lunch. The weather was too bad for skiing (some people were trying it nonetheless, but what they were doing didn't look like fun), it rained and the remains of the snow started to get muddy, so it was a good thing we took the easy way, walked just through the village into the forest and found the spot immediately. The hashcots jumped out of our backpacks, we took the usual photos (since Ninjas usually won't be seen, they make excellent tripods... oh, please, skip the silly jokes) and went back home where food was already waiting.


We found a close parking area.  
Allzunah - would be translated "far too close". And indeed, it was far too close not to go there.  
Walking through Allzunah.  
Forestry office building, where we had to cross the gate.  
Simone pretending to be a deer (if she wants a bath now, I'm inviting her).  
Leaving the forest track.  
Coordinates reached.  
All official Geohashers at the point.  
Hashcots at the hashpoint (upper row: Hans, Mauz and Ritchie. lower row: Hasi, Simone and Simon.