2011-02-13 48 8

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Sun 13 Feb 2011 in 48,8:
48.6023521, 8.8647813

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At the northwestern side of the Gäubahn between Nufringen and Herrenberg. While the exact location seems to be between the railway tracks and the parallel foot- and cycleway, accuracy is by far not good enough to exclude either of both.

This means that everyone who used one of the following trains to go to Herrenberg or further on 2011-02-13, and can somehow prove that, is eligible for the Curse of Unawareness consolation prize:

  • S1 from Kirchheim/Teck via Stuttgart to Herrenberg, every 30 minutes
  • RE from Stuttgart to Freudenstadt and Singen, once every hour
  • IC from Stuttgart to Zürich, once every two hours

But it's just as well possible to reach this hash without using a train or climbing on the railway tracks (which would be dangerous, forbidden and possibly expensive for the fines).


  • Ekorren went by bike from Tübingen to the hash.





Is it true that Ekorren earned the Déjà vu geohash?
In principle, yes.
But - although it would have been perfectly within accuracy when passing by train like countless times before, the actual measurement preferred a point 2m off the tracks, which he visited this time. (2011-02-13 48 8).
2011-02-13 48 8 S-Bahn 1.JPG