2011-02-13 45 -122

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Sun 13 Feb 2011 in 45,-122:
45.6023521, -122.8647813

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North of Hillsboro, Between Cornelius Pass Road and Old Pass Road



When I first looked at this hashpoint on Friday, I did a double take, because the area was very familiar. Not only was it near by, but we had been looking at building a house in the area.

Sort of an almost-couch-potato.


As soon as I realized how easy to gain access to it this hashpoint "should be", I started to work on it. I called up someone I knew who lived next door to the lot in question but had to leave a message.

By Sunday, I hadn't heard back, so after I finished doing the landscaping/gardening work that had consumed my afternoon, I headed up there. However, it was dark by the time I got done with the errands I had to do on the way there. However, it wouldn't have mattered. As I expected, the hashpoint was clearly on private land as I circled around it. It also wasn't quite where I expected from looking at the maps, and the steep slopes that exist in that area can be daunting.

Close, but no "Coordinates reached" category for this expedition.

P.S. I finally heard back from them on Monday, but it was too late.


To be uploaded, but not impressive.


  • No Trespassing