2011-02-07 45 -122

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Mon 7 Feb 2011 in 45,-122:
45.3720234, -122.9421176

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Newberg, Oregon



Examination of the Google maps data revealed a hashpoint located significantly off the nearest roadway, up and down a slope and over a stream. Didn't look good.


After work I had some errands, and then took a slight detour on the way home. Scholls-Ferry Road lead to Hwy 219, and eventually to Mountain Home Road.

I started down it, and the road became more and more narrow. I became concerned about being able to turn around. Eventually, it opened up and I checked the GPS and found I'd missed the next road. However, in the dark, non-moonlit state, I didn't even find the side road. I got to about a half mile away and called it a night and headed home.


I took some photos, but they appeared far too dark.