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Sun 6 Feb 2011 in 60,17:
60.0878971, 17.4495572

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Out in the woods north of Uppsala. A 30km walk.




I will try to walk there. Leave in the morning and hopefully coming back after a 12 hours and 60 km walk :D


After packing some food to bring I left home some time before 8AM, on foot of course. I went north for hours, changing roads from time to time. I got a very unpleasant surprise after just one and a half hour(about 8.5 km), my feet had already started to feel a bit sore. Not much but just the tiniest bit. Not a good sign, I still had more than 20km left to the hashpoint and then 30 back.

So why this big miscalculation? I wasn't tired from my last expedition two days ago but my body was probably not in the best possible condition after the 7km walk that day. And for these kinds of walks you need all energy you can get.

Anyways, I couldn't give up already just for feeling a bit tired. While I walked I ate the food I brought: 2 bananas and 2 sandwiches to mention a few things (and also to mention most of the things). And so I walked. After about 3 hours of walking a group of deer crossed my path some meters away. This is not the first time I've met deer on geohashing expeditions. In fact, my first expedition involved meeting deer. Apart from that instance not much happened and it was fun, I think that's a good thing with geohashing.

Some time after meeting the deer I felt really tired in my legs and feet but continued on. Changed to the last road, 6 km to go.

Later on I saw two buses in some sort of bus parking but didn't think about them but rather sat down on a rock and ate my third and last sandwich while resting my legs. After a short pause I continued on the road until I were 268 meters from the coordinates. The forest was deeply covered in snow (of course) and the last part had been tiresome but feeling the hashpoint close I brought forth energy and headed into the snow. 268 meters later I would have been there if I would have been flying but, since I wasn't there was still some way left. Finally I reached the point, happy as usual. Took some pictures and headed out to the road again.

Back on the road I started to feel tired again, more than ever, but started walking south. What else where there to do? I pretty quickly realized that I wasn't able to walk the whole way back and aimed for a bus in a village about 10km away(almost along the way back). It was now hurting when I walked. Now I started to think about those two buses again, maybe they were in traffic. I realized that one of those probably was bus 842 which I had seen many times during the day, as it went almost the same route I did. 5 kilometers away from the hash I reached the buses and one was number 842 just as I had thought and it was just about to leave. Perfect.


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Long expedition means many pictures.


Vswe earned the Walk geohash Achievement
by reaching the (60, 17) geohash on 2011-02-06 on foot, travelling a distance of 36.21km.
Vswe earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (60, 17) geohash on 2011-02-06.