2011-02-04 53 -1

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Fri 4 Feb 2011 in 53,-1:
53.8029798, -1.6170145

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about 5km out of leeds city center, on a driveway off Green Hill Drive, Bramley



  • myka will probably catch a bus (First Leeds/40/40A or First Bradford/72) out at some time during the day. It's a bit hard to pin down a time as yet, since I have a courier pickup to deal with, and i don't yet have the final time window available to me.


I had contemplated a final use of the bike before i figure out what to do with it... but today is significantly windy, and that seemed like a bad idea. instead, i took a quick bus trip out to the has area, missing my stop of course.

On the way I played with my shiny new GPS, and marveled at the fact that it had a maps on it.

I wandered up to the hash hill, and was amused by the fact that this little hill, covered in the same dreary houses that are everywhere here, is named Green Hill Mount.

I made the best of the GPS display to get a proof shot (i later found a better data field to show, but oh well), then wandered up the hash driveway and found the point.

Not wanting to potentially upset the homeowners too much, i then took a quick couple of photos from the street, and headed off.

One feature of the GPS I wanted to test was the routing, so on a different bus home, I turned it on, and was pleasantly surprised. (yes, I know many people are used to this sort of feature, but this is the first GPS I've owned which has maps (from OSM) and on road routing etc.) Incidentally, the bus didn't follow the route the GPS suggested...