2011-02-04 45 -122

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2011-02-04 45 -122-area1.jpg

Fri 4 Feb 2011 in 45,-122:
45.5400687, -122.8616239

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Bronson Road, which is right next to Hwy 26, between 185th and Cornell exits



It's in the middle of the road right nearby. Of course we have to do it. It is near to work for both of us.

APR is going to head after work. Jim may do the same, or even wander by at Lunch time.

Shmulik says: Location: 17914 NW Bronson Rd, 97229 Rockcreek, Washington, Oregon, US - distance: 0km.



APR finished up work early, and headed home to obtain a camera and GPS which didn't go to work with him. Jim finished up relatively early and APR came by and picked him up.

They then debated which route to take to avoid traffic, and finally decided to take some backroads, which proved to be a pretty good choice. They took a slightly early side street, but soon found themselves a few hundred feet from the hashpoint. They parked, avoiding a fire hydrant, and walked to the hashpoint.

The hashpoint proved to be, as expected, in the middle of a side street, which was fairly busy. They got to 20 feet away, and started waiting to cross the street. Traffic never abated enough to wander into the street and stand around to take some photos, so they decided to declare it close enough and head back.

On the way out, we either drove through, or much closer to the hashpoint, but Jim wasn't watching the GPS and APR was watching the road.


Michael5000, having been earlier disappointed that a Friday hashpoint sat right on top of his Monday/Wednesday commute, returned home from work to find that Mrs.5000 had contrived a shoe-shopping expedition to the western suburbs. They headed out to Bronson Road and drove right over the top of that puppy. Then, after they bought shoes, they drove right back over the top of it again.



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