2011-01-31 45 -91

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2011 01 31 45 -91 ACCESS DENIED.png

Mon 31 Jan 2011 in 45,-91:
45.0925007, -91.6037216

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The hash is on a ridge located on private property a few miles west of Bloomer, WI.


Tom Schäffer


0338 CST - This WILL happen today, unless the location is on private property.

0830 CST, The location is on private property in a farmer's field west of Bloomer. Tom Schäffer will attempt to ask permission, but it looks like he will be racking up a No Trespassing achievement for the day and travelling to the closest possible spot, the point on Highway A due south of the location.


I left my apartment in Ridgeland at 0913 and, after cleaning snow off the car, was under-way. The roads were snow-covered and slippery, so I had to keep it under 45 the whole trip. Snow was falling the entire time. By the time I reached CTH A, I realized that I didn't have my camera, and would be forced to use my Droid to take pictures documenting the area surrounding the hash. Nobody was home at the closest residence, so I only stayed a few minutes taking some pictures of some interesting signs in the area, including a No Trespassing sign, and the ridge over which the hash lay. Since I couldn't photograph the coordinates, I have a picture of a distinctive intersection around the "block" (where I'd actually probably start hiking from to reach the hash had I had permission to proceed). Figuring it was time to get out of the road and make room for the township's plow, I headed down to Menomonie to take care of some errands. Overall, a fun jump into Geohashing (despite not being able to deflower the graticule). Looks like the first official expedition of the graticule ends up earning a No Trespassing Geohash achievement.



Tom Schäffer earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (45, -91) geohash on 2011-01-31.
2011 01 31 45 -91 ACCESS DENIED.png