2011-01-29 48 8

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Sat 29 Jan 2011 in 48,8:
48.2609405, 8.8421192

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At Balingen's incorporated suburb Endingen.



I had already discarded the idea of going geohashing before going to Stuttgart around noon, when I noticed that sunrise is still quite late - and it would be perfectly possible to make it a sunrise hash. The one time I tried a sunrise hash before technically had succeeded, so I have that achievement - however, there had been no sun to rise, for a good number of reasons: a) it had been a cloudy dark grey rainy day, b) the hash had been in a forest, c) the hash had been on a western slope. This time it promised to be better: a) There was a good chance of open sky between the clouds, b) nearby the hash there were meadows, c) the hash was on an eastern slope.

However, a) failed miserably, and so... once again, sunrise was there only technically.

To get a sunrise hash about 40 km from your home, even by public transport, starting at 6:15 is reasonably late. I raced to the station, jumped on a local train and went off. Left the train at a small station in the suburbs of Balingen, and walked out to Endingen. About 20 minutes before sunrise I had reached the lot the hash was located in, and since as far as I could tell all the neighbours were still sleeping, just walked in (there was no fence or other indication of being not welcome), found the point and documented having been there. Now, there were still 20 minutes, which I, to avoid making a too suspicious impression in case someone wakes up, spent about 100m further in the fields. When sunrise time approached I came back and found that the situation had changed significantly: People now had woken up, people were looking from behind their windows. Reason enough to not visit the exact point again, but just take another look from the road and then leave. Even more so, if a few minutes later a bus would leave from the nearest bus stop, saving me both the walk back to Balingen and any waiting time.