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Thu 27 Jan 2011 in 49,8:
49.5888717, 8.6707605

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On the hills overlooking smalltown Hemsbach in the Odenwald area. Right in the woods, and as I just realized, not in southern Hassia anymore, but Baden-Wuerttemberg.



"Initialize" my own native graticule, finally. Preferably by daylight... Due to my job and winter daylight times, that doesn't work out too often, but I have the day off.

Document the expedition within less than six months to astonish Mampfred. That worked out, too, it seems. Well, the documenting part, at least.


I went on the autobahn just to realize I actually should have fueled up the car. Since I just knew it was a rather small town, I wasn't too sure about them having a petrol station... Not a problem, though. I went up to the forested hill until the road ended and switched to walking and gravel paths. Since taking a longer way seemed to be less walking through the forest itself, I just enjoyed the nice weather. Somewhere along the way, I unexpectedly found a vineyard just 10m off the "road" and just next to the forest.

I was a bit confused when the next crossroads had four paths opposed to two on the map, yet one was a fresh forest aisle for pulling out tree trunks and happened to be almost exactly the direction of the hash point. So I gratefully followed it until about 100m to the hash point, and stumbled thriugh the forest from then on. Funny enough, when I came over the hill 15m from the hashpoint, there was a forest road just below the hash...

At 5m to the hash point things got a bit annoying, again. The trees seemed to confuse the nav system a bit, 8m accuracy, then 5... it pointed me to this or that direction, 2m to go... without switching after two, three, four meters... At some point, I had 0m, but faster than I could press the screenshot button, it was 1m... Then it directed me down the steep hill 8m, exactly onto the road. Okay... when I had four meters to go, I tried to have a finger on the button and tried not falling, while pressing screenshot at the right moment- didn't quite succeed.

In not falling, I did, but I had to really run down fast, because it was steep and "0m" just popped up very shortly, only to show 4m UP the hill again, when I was standing safely on gravel... I'd say, I was definitely there or close enough to being there to call this a successful hash. :)

Took that road back to aforementioned crossroads and back to the car without further delay. By the way, the temperature was showing above 0°C all the time, yet the leafs and grass in the wood where still solidly crunching all the time I was stepping on them- at least quite close to a frozen hash, too. ;)



Rincewind earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, 8) geohash on 2011-01-27.
Rincewind earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 2 consecutive hash points starting on 2011-01-26.