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Tue 25 Jan 2011 in 52,5:
52.0835668, 5.2646827

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In a foresty part of Zeist. Very close to the buildings of a Scouting group.



Well, it's close by and seems reachable. Also, it's in a foresty area. So I'll just go there.


After doing another errand, I was already on my bike, and I already brought my stuff, so I decided to not stop by my home, but just go to the hash right away. It was a bit windy, coldish and rainy, but after a bit the sun started shining. When I got to forest path I parked my bike and walked the last bit. As it turned out the location was in the little field exactly opposite to the Scouting Buildings. I tried to find the exact location (without GPS) and I think I managed, though the terrain had changed a little bit since the Google photo. I certainly got within the uncertainty range. I attached the marker to the lone tree near the hash in such a way that people walking over the forest path or people at the Scouting will see it. I wonder if I get any reactions from them here...