2011-01-24 47 -122

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Mon 24 Jan 2011 in 47,-122:
47.4615111, -122.2505530

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Tukwila Parkway, between I-405 and Southcenter Mall



Traveller got a shiny new Samsung Epic, fussed with some geocaching apps and tripped over geohashing, decided to try it. Monday rolled around and it's right next to the airport where he'd was planning to drop off a friend that day! The friend ended up staying for another week, but the opportunity was too good to pass up: Right on a road, plenty of convenience stores nearby, and Thai food in the vicinity. Dinner with friends was planned as an excuse, then the geohash would be a quick stop on the way home. It was raining, and dinner might take a while, so geosquishy hopes were high.


The expedition started with a bunch of fussing about trying to organize dinner at Bai Tong. Even with a GPS, that mall is bigger than it looks on a map and hard to navigate! Nobody's phones seemed to find the place after getting into the vicinity, either, but eventually it worked out. Five dishes and six stuffed people later, the non-geohashing group went home and Traveller + friend wandered over to the road on the northeast side of the mall. Just as expected, the hash was on the road right next to an overpass, its margin of error encompassing all the eastbound lanes. Traveller stopped in a parking lot, snapped some pictures from the side of the road (5m out from the hash location), then drove on through it to pick up the Speed Racer achievement.

Tracking down an AM-PM on the other side of I-405 was easy enough, but by then it had stopped raining, and wasn't quite 10 PM. Traveller and friend were both tired, so the squishy was bought and they went back home.

It was a very simple first geohash, and a very good excuse to get out of the house, see people, and eat thai food! The crispy garlic chicken and pad thai were both great, for the record.