2011-01-19 33 -84

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Wed 19 Jan 2011 in Atlanta:
33.8631646, -84.2636232

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In the back yard of a house in North East Atlanta



This geohash spot turned out to be in the back yard of a neighbors house. I knocked on the door of a house that I though that the geohash spot was on. An older gentleman came to the door and I gave him the short version of geohashing all the while pointing at the printed Peron map.

I told him that standing at his front door I was only 88 feet from the point. He said that 88 feet was into his back yard. I told him that my eTrex was pointing to the back of his driveway as I walked down it. I asked if I could take pictures of my eTrex and said to go ahead.

He walked out and watched me go to the corner of his driveway. 22 feet to go. It is on his neighbors property. The problem is that there is a 20 or so foot drop down to his neighbors property from his driveway.

I decided that 22 feet to go was close enough being in the 10 meters. I took a few pictures and thanked the man.

I then got back in my truck and continued on my way home from work.