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Mon 17 Jan 2011 in Cambridge:
52.9771560, 0.7823476

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Near the western limit of the nudist beach at Holkham, North Norfolk, UK.




The hashpoint is at Holkham Bay, north Norfolk on the beach near the western end of the nudist area. January has been unusually mild but Sourcerer (Neil) did not go naked.

The hashpoint could not be reached at high tide which was at about 5pm. With the moon nearing full and a clear but cold weather forecast, Neil arrived at about 8pm. The tide was going out.

Neil has two GPS logs on Wikiloc here and here which document previous treks to this area. The closer track log goes to within 60 metres of the hashpoint. The other is 190 metres away. The footpath was open and passable with evidence of recent maintenance work. Neil parked on the road as the harbour car park can flood at high tide.

Neil thinks this counts as a Déjà vu geohash achievement. He has two GPS tracks for visits in the autumn of 2007 once 60 metres away and then 190 metres. In the featureless beach landscape, this ought to qualify. It's certainly within hailing distance. Also he has visited the area several times per year since the 1970s, walking from Burnham Overy Staithe to Wells or the Victoria hotel at Holkham for a beer, each time passing the hashpoint. How close depended on how high the tide was.

It was a fine moonlit night and thousands of over-wintering geese were grazing the grasslands and flying overhead. An owl flew over too. Many other mud-flat waders could be heard twittering. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth, hence the long drive to get there.

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Sourcerer earned the Déjà Vu Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (52, 0) geohash on 2011-01-17, and previously on 2007-10-20.

Expeditions and Plans

Pforzheim, Germany Ekorren In a forest between Ötisheim, Ölbronn and Maulbronn
Cambridge, United Kingdom Sourcerer Near the western limit of the nudist beach at Holkham, North Norfolk, UK.

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