2011-01-15 50 -118

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Sat 15 Jan 2011 in 50,-118:
50.0734244, -118.4637741

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2km off of Keefer Lake Road




Hopefully I can drive up Keefer Lake Road, but I expect the side road to impassable due to snow. Snowshoe a 400m ascent.


I left late, and when I stopped for gas I noticed I had a flat tire. I added air, then went to the nearest tire shop for repair. An hour later I was back on the road.

I had guessed correctly. Keefer Lake Road was plowed, but the road I needed to turn onto was untouched. There was also a "no trespassing" sign due to mining, but the snow said it wasn't active.

With less than an hour till dusk, I decided to forgo a failed attempt, and tromped around with my camera in-hand. Being up to my thighs in snow reminded me of my youth, but unlike my other winter expedition this year, the snow was dense and wet.

I believe I could claim every "not reached" category, but I was somewhere new, and I was having fun. I considered the day a success.




  • No Trespassing