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Mon 10 Jan 2011 in 59,17:
59.2887172, 17.8194078

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Hagaringen, Tappsund, Ekerö, Uppsala, Sweden.




Since I was going to Stockholm, I checked out the coordinates and persuaded a friend to follow with me in the evening.


I went home to my friend, ate some dinner, printed out the XKCD flyer, then headed out with his car. I already knew that the hash location would be on somebody's property, but hoped we could reach it anyway. We drove round in the area on the road "Hagaringen".

Found out which house to visit and then headed back to a parking area, a walk of 250 meters from the location. When we got close, I decided to calibrate the GPS, when a woman with dogs came by. She went to the house, and quickly I stopped her and asked if she lived there. She asked yes, and we explained to her what we wanted to do. She said we were very welcome to walk around the house and even get inside if necessary.

She didn't want the flyer, but we insisted and she thought of giving it to her son who was interested in "technical" things. We found the hash location to be on the porch and didn't need to get inside the house

She came out with a puppy and showed to us and told us a story about a another odd event that also had taken place in the neighbourhood. We said goodbye, and took some photos around us, and then went back home to celebrate the success.



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