2011-01-10 41 -91

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Mon 10 Jan 2011 in 41,-91:
41.5387880, -91.6397033

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Just off a road around Kalona



I just looked up and saw the hash location was not too far, but also in a spot I had never been to, so I'm going after work, around 5:30 p.m.


I left work in Cedar Rapids around 4:45. It was later than I had hoped to get out, and I was fighting a losing battle against daylight. I sped down the Interstate as fast as I could, and a little bit south of Iowa City, I turned off it onto the backroads.

The first road I was on for a while deserves a name because it was a fun little road with some sporty curves and hills in it, but it had none. It was County Road WQD I believe. It also crossed over some creeks with some very interesting names:Old Man Creek, Dirty Face Creek, Picayune Creek.

After that, it was dirt roads until my GPS informed me I was coming up alongside the hash point. By this point, it was 5:45pm and for better or for worse, completely dark. I pulled over and the Droid informed me I was about 100 meters off from the hash point.

Getting out of the car, I noticed there was a steep embankment, followed immediately by a barbed wire fence. I was in my work clothes and loafers and wasn't crazy about negotiating the embankment, or the fence. On top of that, there was no shoulder on this road, which made me nervous about leaving the car there in the dark, even with the hazards on. So I called it quits at 100m off. It's still closer than I got my first time, and it was a fun little drive for a Monday evening.