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Mon 10 Jan 2011 in 1,103:
1.2887172, 103.8194078

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Just beside the bus stop along Tiong Bahru Road, near Delta Swimming Complex.




From school, I'll walk out to Upper Thomson Road and catch bus service 132 straight to the hashpoint. It would actually be pretty suitable for a Speed Racer achievement, but I highly doubt that the bus would go 60km/h on that road (and I won't be able to prove it, either). Also, I won't be able to make the 4pm meetup time since my last lesson ends at 4.10pm.


After double-checking the location of the geohash at the school library, I hurriedly printed the Google map out before the library closed at 5pm. When I stepped out of school it was RAINING, which actually didn't affect my plans very much - instead of walking out to Thomson Road I caught a bus from the school gates and walked under shelter to the 132 bus stop. I thought I'd start taking photos of my expedition from when I boarded the bus - when I turned the camera on and took a few experimental pictures they came out horribly wrong. Overexposed and some were terrifyingly dark and pixelated. I panicked for a bit, then remembered I still had my phone camera. Luckily the camera problem resolved itself as I got to the geohash so I didn't have to resort to my crappy phone camera, though now I have a mix of both crappy rather blurry pictures as well as not-so-crappy not-so-blurry ones.

It continued to rain all the way through to Tiong Bahru Road as well, but luckily the geohash was right next to the bus stop so I didn't have to walk very far. Or walk at all, to be honest. Right across the geohash point was a Shell gas station, and THERE WAS A 7-ELEVEN. Which obviously meant GeoSquishy time! But before that I had to take the pictures of the geohash. I walked to the spot where it roughly was - though I can't possibly have missed it, I'd give myself a 1-3m degree of accuracy based on the map - and snapped some pictures, trying to ignore the construction worker nearby who was staring at me oddly. It was kinda funny because he was sitting at the geohash area itself, but of course he didn't know it.

I crossed the road afterwards to get to the 7-Eleven, but suddenly I felt very self-conscious about walking into a gas station just for a Squishy so I continued walking. I got out my phone and searched the Internet for other 7-Elevens in a 1km radius from the geohash, and it just so happened that 325m away, at Redhill MRT Station, was another 7-Eleven. I decided to go there instead for my GeoSquishy, still being within the 1km limit and also being on my way home anyway. When I got there I was very nearly disappointed when I saw a "Currently Not Available" sign on the Squishy machine, but it was referring to only one of the flavours and not the other, which I promptly bought. GeoSquishy run successful! And in the rain, too.


Photos to be uploaded tomorrow! It's rather late in the night now.