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Sun 9 Jan 2011 in 47,8:
47.7329038, 8.5043826

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Near Schleitheim, Kanton Schaffhausen, Switzerland The actual point is located in a forest area called Buckforen and belongs to the municipality of Gächlingen.

Bus stop Gächlingen, Näppental is about 1 km from the hash and served every 30 minutes by line 21 from Schaffhausen, Beringen and Schleitheim.

Weather forecast: overcast, significant risk of rain, between 0 and 7 °C.



Everything went as planned, thanks to careful preparation from everyone and backup plans.

We met in Schaffhausen on the platform, took the train and had indeed to hurry up a bit in Beringen to catch the bus.

Once in Gächlingen, the hash was quickly located just a dozen meters from the way. We installed a marker (out of recycled paper, will probably not last long with this weather) and took some picutres. That's about everything there was to do there.

We followed a slightly different way out of the forest and passed by a shelter that we noticed on the way up. This proved to be a nice place to share lunch while watching one bus passing by and waiting for the next one.

After lunch we went back to the main road and took the bus to Neuhausen for a small Rhine Falls tour (the largest plain waterfalls in Europe, so says wikipedia).

We tried to dry a little bit while enjoying a coffee, after which we walked to Neuhausen (SBB) train station where we took a train back to Schaffhausen.

We went for a short walk in the old town under Ekorren's guidance. The group was then partially split as Myka, Erin and Crox departed for Zürich.

It was raining from the beginning and hasn't stopped yet...


Bus stop "Gächlingen Näppental". 
View near bus stop 
It must be somewhere here 
Coordinates reached! 
Marker left. 
Myka, Erin and the hashcots, Crox and Ekorren 
View from the hash. 
The shelter where we had lunch. 
View from shelter 
Panorama at the Rhine Falls. 
Panorama at the Rhine Falls. 
Non-panoramic Rhine impressions 
Walk along the Rhine.