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Thu 6 Jan 2011 in 48,8:
48.3009364, 8.8760756

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Within of Engstlatt, a village incorporated to Balingen



Summary: We met at Hechingen, went to Engstlatt by train, and walked over to the hash, which was somewhere around a house. The GPS dance made it difficult to decide about an exact location but we believe we were at least close enough.

The hash itself was pretty basic. A train ride to Engstlatt, then a short wander to the point not to far from the station. While it was really nice to be out of cities and in a small town for once, it wasn't exactly an adventurous expedition.

Myka and Erin did really enjoy heading to Tübingen afterwards and taking the guided tour provided by Ekorren. We enjoyed having a local show us around, and spending the time in a place we wouldn't have otherwise.

... may be more to come


Arriving at Engstlatt 
Engstlatt and Burg Hohenzollern. 
is that a path? 
It has a name, it must be a way. 
The hash surroundings. 
I think it's here somewhere... 
... around this house 
Lets make sure. 
Local architecture. 
Push here to make the train stop 
The castle at Tübingen. 
foods and maps!