2011-01-06 35 -106

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Thu 6 Jan 2011 in 35,-106:
35.2402160, -106.4797265

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On the upper reaches of the canyon between the Rincon Ridge and Sandia Peak, approximately 1/4 mile off the Piedra Lisa trail.



Have the day off, and am hoping to take the family for a little hike. It's right around a mile and a half from the trailhead, although the quarter mile of bushwhacking could be a challenge. We'll have to see how much snow there is up high, too.


It ended up being a bit of a listless day. I had to work AWFULLY late the night before, so despite having the day off, it really didn't feel like it. The family wasn't much in the mood for a winter hike, which didn't help with the motivation, either. SO, I finally made my mind up and got out hiking. Because I was on my own, I pushed the pace pretty hard. It's a good thing I didn't take the kids, because it was pretty steep and snowy going overland. The snow wasn't deep, but the steep made it pretty interesting. Oh, and there was more up and down than I first expected, too. I made it without undue difficulty, though, and found the hash in an area with a bunch of downed pinon trees. I stuck to some watercourses on the way back, but still had to climb back up the hill to get to the trail and get out quicker. Yee-haw!


The track is located here.