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Sun 2 Jan 2011 in Turku:
60.4288468, 22.1601836

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Hashpoint seemed to be on so nice location that I just had to do a little evening cycling there. It was very nice to cycle through the calm and dark Ruissalo, not even street lights on the last few kilometers so I had to also shut down my bike lights so the atmosphere was perfect. At the hash point there was clear marks of Meset's visit, so I used the same footsteps to walk to 0-point. Took few pictures from the beautiful view and continued to the nearby geocache to drop some travellers. Visited the hash location at 19:25.

- nsk

The hashpoint landed on the Island of Ruissalo, only a few kilometers from the Turku city centre. Looking at the map it was clear that the point was only about 10 meters from the road. This road is very familiar to me, because it leads to the Yacht Club of Turku, where my sailing boat is kept. When I came to close to the hash point, I couldn't possibly miss seeing the previous foot marks in the approximately 40 cm deep snow. I took a traditional silly-grim-photo, and drove back home.

- Suurnesu


Clear marks at the spot
Suurnesu at the spot
nsk's GPS at the 0-point
View from the hashpoint