2011-01-02 45 -123

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Sun 2 Jan 2011 in 45,-123:
45.4288468, -123.1601836

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A hazelnut orchard near Gaston, Oregon



Go to hash point and then give up when it is on inaccessible private land.


Well, I set out for the hashpoint. It was fairly nearby, so I figured I'd give it a try.

First, I realized that I had carefully printed out a section of Google Maps, but had neglected to write out the directions that Google gave me on the back. However, I'd been in this direction a couple of times before, so I just plunged forward, hoping the GPS would help me out.

As I headed up the first hill, I noticed there clearly was snow still on the ground at these slightly higher elevations. I also noticed a fairly pretty view of snow alongside the grapevines, and stopped to get a picture. Before starting up again, I noticed that there was a very nice view of nearby snow covered peaks, so I got a few pictures of those as well.

I continued on, and made good guesses about which direction to go, so the lack of Google directions wasn't a problem. I eventually got to downtown Gaston, and then my printed section of the map was helpful. I drove up the hill adjacent to the hazelnut grove and the GPS dropped to 300 feet, then started up again. I went a little further on to stop and take some pictures as proof of what the area looked liked.

Then I thought: "I could try to ask permission; it might work", so I pulled into the driveway to ask at the nearby house. I noted a lack of "No trespassing" signs, but did notice a couple of oddly placed fenceposts near the driveway.

I got to the end of the driveway, and was greeted by a curious dog that was sort of barking at me. However, it didn't keep its distance, which made it hard for me to go forward or back and leave without possibly hitting it. I waited for a while and slowly moved in the direction of trying to leave, when someone called the dog to the house. So, I got out and went up to ask permission to enter the grove.

I tried to use the "Scavenger Hunt" explanation for geohashing, and I got the usual "Why would someone put a Scavenger Hunt point on private land?" question, for which I don't have a good answer. The landowner was nice, and said he didn't mind if I went to the point, but suggested that I should "Quit the game" because while "he was civil", other people in rural areas might not be.

I headed back out, but stopped as I got close to the hashpoint. I wandered in to find the hashpoint, which amid some leaves on the ground. I took a few pictures and headed home, stopping to admire the view of the mountains, and to wave at the usual "Graveyards of Washington County" that often pass on trips in this direction.


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