2011-01-01 47 -1

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Sat 1 Jan 2011 in 47,-1:
47.2318223, -1.8856161

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In a field near the Canal de la Martinière. There is a risk that the field will be muddy to put it mildly.



I'm planning to leave Saint-Herblain, and go to the point by the bac de Loire in Coueron, and to follow the Canal de la Martinière to the point, then come back by the road from Paimboeuf to Nantes and the Pont de Cheviré.


I left Saint-Herblain on time, took the bac in Coueron, and made my way along the canal, only to find a bridge too weak to support my car. I left my car and made the last kilometer on foot. It was cold and windy...

As I suspected the field was full of water. The whole area is a swamp in winter: it's the flood plain of the Loire river.

Anyway, it was a nice trip.



ClementB earned the There might be alligators! consolation prize
by being prevented from reaching the (47, -1) geohash on 2011-01-01 by an impassable and unforseen swamp (and probably lurking alligators).