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Fri 31 Dec 2010 in Norwich:
52.0690323, 1.0336712

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In a field a few paces off the road up a slippery bank 5 miles west of Ipswich Suffolk, UK.




About one hour before midnight and the new year, Neil arrived at the hashpoint. This was technically more difficult than most expeditions. Neil had accidentally deleted all the mapping data from his hand-held satnav. The Europe base-map was still available but this only stored the most major roads. The hashpoint was in deepest rural Suffolk with narrow farm lanes, one of which doubled up as a stream bed. In the dark, judging whether to drive through was interesting. None of these roads were in the satnav database.

It took two attempts to reach the point. The first approach failed because the same fast running stream through dense woodland blocked the route. In summer this might have been easy enough but near midnight in winter, another approach was needed. Eventually Neil located the correct lane, helped by a view of a passing car and the rest of the expedition was easy.

It was nice to be out on such a quiet night. All the sane people were having their new year's party.

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