2010-12-30 45 -123

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Thu 30 Dec 2010 in 45,-123:
45.5330752, -123.0057453

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On farmland near Hillsboro, Oregon



Jim is going to see how close he gets given the snow and cold and errands he has to run.


Well, I had a bunch of errands to run, but I ran the first few of them, and they resulted in my being in downtown Hillsboro, a good starting point. I set off towards the hashpoint, trying to remember the streets I was supposed to turn at.

I started to give up on getting to the last one when suddenly it showed up. I headed down it, keeping an eye on the GPS. Eventually I got to the top of a hill, and was about 0.15 miles. There was a good parking spot for the car, so I parked there, and started to walk down. I kept thinking it was going to end up in a yard, but it kept being down the road.

Eventually, I hit a section with open fields and I heard a familiar quacking. I looked out and saw a bunch of ducks on open water. I walked out onto a bridge over a little stream and realized the hashpoint was about 100 feet away, right in the middle of what was currently a pond. The presence of field fencing in the waterway suggested it was not normally quite as wet as it currently was.

However, it was on private land, so not accessible, but clearly it made no difference: since I didn't have a boat, there was no point bothering to find the owner.


Needs to be uploaded.


  • No trespassing
  • My Kingdom for a boat
  • Mother Nature