2010-12-12 45 -122

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Sun 12 Dec 2010 in 45,-122:
45.4447425, -122.6258899

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In an empty lot across the railroad tracks from a shopping mall in Milwaukie.




  • APR is on his way, but has some errands to run on the way, so what time he'll get there is questionable.
  • Jim has Lego Robotics all day, and then has to pack, but this one is tempting. (But not that tempting, it turns out.)
  • starbird is really hoping to make it, but timing is unclear. Anyone for a 9 AM geohash? (Clearly yes, but you didn't know - Jim)



I was up at dawn in order to run before the new wave of rain hit. I drove to the site. The hashpoint is easily accessible, near an old sign that was hard to make out in the dim early dawn light. Imagining that others might be behind me, I left a flag to say hello.


I made my way starting around 10AM, running some errands along the way. I eventually made it down to the point around 11:15, and made my way back. I did see Michael's flag, and left it for any potential geohashers that may follow me.



  • Land geohash