2010-12-01 45 -122

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Wed 1 Dec 2010 in 45,-122:
45.4541883, -122.4241432

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South of Gresham, just off of a neighborhood road. The neighborhood looks to have larger, and more wooded, lots than are typical for the Portland area.

Today's battleship location is: F 5




APR has a half-day, and intends to head out just after he gets home from lunch. This should put him at the hashpoint by around 2:30.


I left home at about 1PM, since I took a 1/2 day at work today, stopped to get gas, and made my way across Portland to the hashpoint. I got there just after 2PM, took pics, and started on my way back. I took surface streets the whole way back, and stopped to get some cleaning supplies and new shoes. It was wet, but that's about the only "notable" part of the expedition. The point was in a subdivision which was built into a hill, which was nice, but scenery is hard to see when it is foggy/rainy. I made a live post, but apparently it disappeared somewhere between my phone and the wiki.