2010-11-30 49 -122

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Tue 30 Nov 2010 in 49,-122:
49.2411806, -122.9606610

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On highway 1, near New Westminster.



The plan is:

  • go to work
  • on the way home from work, drive to New Westminister
  •  ???
  • profit!



I once again completely missed the point of geohashing. As you know, geohashing is all about meeting strangers to have fun, getting outside, getting a bit of exercise, and sometimes a challenging adventure.

So, I got on my bike, burned gasoline for about half an hour in the pouring rain though tedious rush-hour traffic. As I approached the hash point I noticed the traffic was really heavy, the visibility was poor, and the shoulder was really narrow because of construction. It wasn't safe to stop, but I glance down at the GPS just at the moment to see "0" in the "distance to destination" box. I kept going, pushed the "go home" button on the GPS, and followed the instructions home.

I successfully reached the point without:

  • getting exercise
  • being somewhere I've never been before
  • playing games with people
  • meeting new friends
  • interacting with any other humans
  • stopping
  • getting photographic proof of reaching the point
  • getting a screenshot of my GPS at the "0" point
  • profiting

The track log, if I manage to upload it, may show that I was there. Or it may not.

user:thepiguy and MylSh[edit]

I guess we did pretty much the same thing as Wade. However we did manage to:

  • play games with people (if you count silly licence plate games)
  • meet new friends (if you count all the friendly people that let me merge back and forth through traffic)
  • interact with other humans (see "meet new friends" above)
  • stop (if you count terrible rush hour traffic on the highway)
  • get photographic proof of reaching the point (if you count MylSh's valiant attempts using my broken camera)
  • profit (if you count life experience. Ok... that one's a stretch)