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All locations: .8809510, .4843471
Globalhash: 68.571175847186, -5.6350335816036 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Hamilton, New Zealand Jonootto, TunezNZ, Ellaruby Cambridge, Hamilton. In a park strip along side a housing area, Right on th...
Bern, Switzerland , TheOneRing At the village of Zimmerwald there is located the Zimmerwald observatory wh...
Cambridge, United Kingdom Sourcerer A snowy wood of beech and oak, west of Snettisham, Norfolk, UK.
Oslo, Norway relet Nordengveien, Slependen, Oslo. In a bit of forest in a residential district...
Uppsala, Sweden Vswe About 8 km outside Uppsala, the closest by far for me since I started geoha...

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