2010-11-17 33 -84

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Wed 17 Nov 2010 in Atlanta:
33.5556887, -84.2970061

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On the side of the street in Jonesboro georgia.



I had been slacking off the last couple of months and not getting out and geohashing. Since I had my eTrex and camera stolen, I've lost that adventurous spirit that I had last year. I've been hoping that I would soon get it back and lead Atlanta back into the most active Graticule for another complete year. It hasn't happened yet.

But this morning as I was waiting for the geohash spot to be announced, I decided that today I would make it. Being stuck inside because of it now getting cold.

I did ride my bicycle to work today. And those of you still doubting my use of a bicycle, I can be found on Garmin's website. I am now posting all of my rides online.

But I did drive to this spot after riding to my truck from work. It was an easy drive after I made it through the traffic of downtown Atlanta. The hash spot turned out to be just off of the interstate and very easy to access.

It was only one side street away. I parked my truck in a driveway about 300 feet away and walked the rest of the way to the hash spot. I found it with 1.25 feet to go. Right where google maps said that it would be.

I took a few picture and then drove home to Norcross.