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2010-11-15 42 23

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Mon 15 Nov 2010 in 42,23:
42.7031908, 23.2786485

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[edit] Location

The hashpoint is located in a residential area ("Zapaden Park") within the city borders.

[edit] Participants

Vesko and Ivet.

[edit] Plans

We plan to take the subway at around 18:30. Guess we'd be at the hash point around 19-19:30

[edit] Expedition

After a short trip with the subway and 15 minutes of walk, we reached the hashpoint. It was exactly where Google Maps said it would be - in a small garden in front of a residential building. There is a BBQ fireplace around there. We didn't meet any other geohashers :(.

After some time exploring the hashpoint, verifying position and taking photos, we went to have some dinner in a local restaurant ("At Rado's" — 42.704560°N, 23.278167°E), which serves traditional Serbian and Bulgarian cuisine. It turned out to be quite good.

[edit] Photos