2010-11-14 60 22

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Sun 14 Nov 2010 in Turku:
60.4891851, 22.1125707

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The place seemed to be a nice location and quite easily accessed so we decided to visit there on the evening with kukkamaaria. The weather was average - Not warm but not cold. Actually the weather was very nice for a little cycling trip, it wasn't even windy so nothing disturbing the hash visit. But my primary bike was still waiting for a fixing the tube so I had to take my older bike which is probably bit older than me and has only one gear... But that's enough! After getting nearby we left our bikes for about 50 meters from the hash and there started a good path towards the point. Last 5-10 meters we had to go off-path, but the terrain was easy, soft forest with no bigger vegetation. The actual location had some trees and few bigger stones around. It was a little forest plant surrounded by two bigger roads, a field, apartment houses and a jogging path (where we left our bikes). Very nice hash location after all. :)



My GPSr at the location
Happy geohasher!