2010-11-13 39 -105

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Sat 13 Nov 2010 in 39,-105:
39.7976517, -105.0669944

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An industrial area in Arvada.



Strike out on my bicycle and see how close I can get. It looks like it's in the middle of a pretty dense industrial area, so I may not be able to get it.


I was still a little sore from yesterday's hash but I set off anyway, excited to squeeze one more tag out of this weekend, and eventually my muscles softened and relaxed.

And then, I swear the temperature must have dropped ten degrees. The sky clouded up and got dark, and I thought to myself, great. It's totally going to snow. I am not dressed or prepared for snow. If it snows, I'm bailing out and going home.

It never snowed, but it stayed cold and windy the whole time. I almost bailed out twice, but ultimately I just settled into a lower gear and spun my wheels as fast as I could in order to stay warm.

The ride was through familiar territory, with only the last 0.5 miles being previously unexplored by me. The Algorithm landed me, at the end of that last 0.5 miles in an industrial area. Lots of trucks and parts stores. The coordinates fell right on top of a building that looked like a business but might have been a residence as well, and there were some mean looking junk yard dogs around, so I wasn't going to approach the fence.

I had my kite with me and briefly considered flying it over the yard for a by-proxy tag, but as I said before, I was cold and uncomfortable and impatient to return.

There wasn't really that much to take a picture of. I opted for the building across the street. It seemed the best of the present options, which included some dirt, a stick, a fence, and a truck.

There was a bakery across the street, which was pouring the smell of fresh, hot rye into the air, and that was pleasant.

But I didn't stick around. Hopped back on the bike and took off towards home. Thinking that if I stayed out of traffic I wouldn't have to slow down or stop and would be able to maintain a fast, heart-quickening pace, I decided to take Clear Creek to South Platte, not realizing that it would take a full 7 frigid miles out of my way, and that sucked. It ended up being a bit of a neutral trade off.

About 25 miles from start to finish. It was nice to get outside and chase the coords. I would have enjoyed it more had I been dressed more warmly.