2010-11-10 39 -104

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Wed 10 Nov 2010 in 39,-104:
39.7631364, -104.9621653

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Metro Denver in the Park Hill/5 Points area, on the corners of 33rd & Vine. Google maps places the marker right in somebody's living room. I guess my plan will be to check-in under the middle tree on the sidewalk by the house. It looks to be the closest I'll be able to get.



1. Pedal past on my way home. I'm going to try to use the glympse app that I've seen Denver Cruisers use to share my trip in real time.


The only good or interesting thing about this expedition is that I reached the coordinates.

The Algorithm, in all it's mysterious wisdom, decided to drop the coords one measly block north of my homeward commute. It would have been tragic had I forgotten to look up the coordinates today and as a result miss this extremely easy hash.

I attempted to share my ride in real time using an iPhone app called Glympse. The result can be seen here [1], but I can't really say it did what I thought it would, or that it contributed anything useful or interesting to the expedition.

So I arrived at the hash site. I recognized it spot I was looking for from the google maps satellite photos: three trees in a row at the southeast corner of the intersection. I tweeted my location while standing under the middle tree and as close to the house as I felt comfortable standing.

I took a couple pictures so one can see the landmarks present from google maps, namely the three trees by the side of the house. But the lighting was piss poor and the pictures turned out so crappy that it's not worth it to upload them here. If you are curious, they can be seen here [2] and here [3].

Easy tag. Wish the light had been better so I could have snagged some better photos!