2010-11-10 37 -121

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Wed 10 Nov 2010 in 37,-121:
37.7631364, -121.9621653

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Bishop Drive near Sunset Drive in San Ramon, behind the shopping center with the Target store.



I went to the shopping center, and stopped in the Borders to see if a friend of mine was working there. I then walked across the parking lot and across Bishop Drive, to a mostly-bare patch of hillside near a back driveway for a PacBell facility. I wandered around a little while using my Android geohash app to see just how close I got. My location relative to the spot seemed to jump around a little, so I wandered around to make sure I hit it. I took a couple of photos, and left a small piece of paper staked to a small stick reading "xkcd. The internet was here." It will probably be gone within a day or two.


I've posted a KML file of this expedition here, I think.