2010-11-06 45 -123

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Sat 6 Nov 2010 in 45,-123:
45.4025678, -123.1255704

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Off of Hwy 47 near Banks



Go by after getting bulk sausage at the Verboort Sausage Dinner


After a few hours of waiting in line (and meeting up with friends) to get sausage, I figured I'd try going by the hashpoint. It wasn't that far out of the way, but I didn't hold out much hope for access.

I had a couple of errands to do on the way: Find a mailbox, and return a book to the library. We've got a very nice feature to our local library system: It is county-wide, so even if the book is owned by a different town's library, your local one will obtain it and lend it to you, and you can return it to any of the county libraries. So I was able to return the book in Forest Grove, which was on the way to the hashpoint, as opposed to having to head to Hillsboro.

I continued to head down Hwy 47, and soon the distanced dropped. I saw just fences on the right, with large fields behind them, then a slight gap, then fences again. At last the distance dropped to 500 feet, then started to climb. Needless to say, this was a highway, so a speed of 45-55 mph was expected by the other motorists, so stopping or slowing down a lot was frowned upon.

I looked at the nearby properties and gave up on trying to find a way to gain access or even get some reasonable pictures. So, I headed home.

Turned around and went home.


  • No Trespassing