2010-11-06 40 -74

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Sat 6 Nov 2010 in 40,-74:
40.4025678, -74.1255704

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Parking lot of the Sears on NJ-35, in Middletown, New Jersey


Jevanyn and Evan


I checked out the locations on Friday, and decided this geohash (and Friday's) were both reachable. Middletown is about an hour's drive (45 min that day actually), but I had Lands' End merchandise to return to Sears anyway, so I had justification for the trip out.


After running multiple errands locally, dragging stout Evan along through store after store, I took I-287 to US-9 to NJ-35 to Middletown. The store is right on the highway, so there were no "directions" other than looking for the store and parking.

  • In the parking lot of the Sears. I'll circle around the building to get closer to the hashpoint. -- Jevanyn @40.4032,-74.1270 16:08, 06 November 2010 (EDT)

BTW, How does Sears stay in business? It's Saturday afternoon, Costco had been its usual madhouse, but employees outnumbered customers in the former retail giant.

Ironically, the smaller building 40-odd feet from the geohash was a Wendy's. If I had known that, I wouldn't have sat for a crappy Costco hot dog before the drive down. Reconnaissance fail!


The Geohash Droid app made it MUCH easier to post pictures the same day. I'll never go geohashing without it again!


(Is there an achievement for using the Droid app?)

Jevanyn earned the Reconnaissance Failure Demerit
by not noticing the Wendy's 40-odd feet away from the (40, -74) geohash on 2010-11-06.
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Jevanyn earned the Excessive Advertising Warning
by linking to the websites of all the businesses at the (40, -74) geohash on 2010-11-06.