2010-11-03 33 -84

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Wed 3 Nov 2010 in Atlanta:
33.7207298, -84.1924789

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In the middle of the street in a sub-division in east Decatur.



This is yet another drive by geohashing. I drove up on the geohash spot and stopped with 3.24 feet to go. I didn't even get out of my truck. I was parked in front of someone's driveway and they came out of the house to leave. I bet they were wondering what I was doing there.

I backed the truck up and let them leave. I then again pulled up in front of the driveway and the Geohash spot had moved. It moved about 4 feet away. I hurried up and took a few pictures still sitting in my truck.

I then drove home to Norcross with out even exiting the vehicle.