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Tue 2 Nov 2010 in 52,0:
52.1482893, 0.6065891

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In a field north of Stansfield, Suffolk. The field has a public footpath around it, so accessibility depends only on what's planted in the field, if anything.



Left work at 1:58 pm. Had a nutritious lunch of Jammie Dodgers in the car on the way. Parked about 600 metres from the hashpoint at 2:40 pm and walked down the footpath to the field, pausing to photograph a ford and an old water pump on the way. The field contained small shoots of some sort of crop with enough of a gap between them to avoid treading on them, so I walked around the field until I found the closest point, then stepped in tractor ruts and between plants until the hashpoint was reached.

To get back to the car I forded a small stream (well, I stepped over it, really) and walked along a farm track through some woodland, and then up a small road. There were many pheasants.

After leaving the hash I went geocaching on the way home, forgetting that my GPS was still set on British Summer Time and I didn't have 67 minutes until sunset, I had only seven. It got dark quite quickly, but I still found all four caches that I was looking for. Just before getting home I went grocery shopping, and then had some leftover vegetable and Quorn-sausage casserole for dinner. It was jolly tasty.

Having left the house to go to work at 6:00 am and returned at 7:15 pm, it was a long day, but good fun. The caching in the dark was the best bit. I only stepped in one puddle.


To follow...


Just this one, today:

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