2010-11-02 33 -84

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Tue 2 Nov 2010 in Atlanta:
33.7215775, -84.0695766

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On a lot of an abandoned sub-division for houses that were never built. This is Atlanta's 200 Coordinates Reached!



I had gone to do the democratic thing today and go vote. It went faster than I thought it would so I drove home and grabbed my camera and loaded up the eTrex and drove off. The hash point was 19 miles away from my house and was at the tail end of rush hour traffic here in Atlanta.

I drove there expecting to drive right up on the hash spot with out getting out of my truck. I studied google maps and made sure to view street view. There didn't look like any reason why I couldn't drive to the exact hash spot as I have done many many times before.

I made the last turn and blocking my path is a big oak tree. Darn...

I hop out of my truck and look to see if there is a way to drive around it. Nope. I did look for any signs that said "No Trespassing" The good news was that there were none.

I had previously ridden my bicycle to my poling place to vote, with a round trip of 8.13 miles. I usually carry my bicycle in the back of my truck. I was thinking that if I had put my bicycle back in the truck I could have made this a bicycle geohash. No luck.

I looked inside of my truck for my flashlight that I normally carry but I had take it out to go Trick-or-Treating a few days ago and I did not put it back in. Drats...

So I stepped over the tree and set out by foot. It had been overcast all day long. With the cloud cover and now being about an hour after the sun set, it was very dark. I could see the lights on a radio/TV tower several miles off in the distance and the lights on a house or two about two miles away. But that was it of the lights.

I used the camera flash when I was unsure of walking on the street. I was glad that I used the flash in one instance because what I was unsure about was a black hole in the road. It turned out to be a manhole to the sewer system with the cover missing. I'm glad that I didn't step there and fall down it. It would have been several days(months, years) before anyone would have discovered me.

It did make me wonder when I walked up on the actual geohash spot that this is a real secluded area with very easy access, i was wondering if there might be anyone else around hiding somewhere. It would be the perfect place to camp out at a geohash spot to. Bring a weed-whacker and clear off a 10 foot or so space right off the road. Nobody would see you and I doubt that nobody would have cared.

I did consider a geoflashing award but it was way to cold and way to creepy to do something like that by myself.

So, back on the thought of camping out, I didn't care to stay the night in Lithonia tonight. So, I took a few picture, said a few words out loud about this being a milestone of 200 coordinates reached for the Atlanta Graticule(nobody was around for a few miles or more to listen or hear anyway), accepted an un-thought up yet award, and then walked back to my truck the same way I walked in.

I found my truck with out any trouble and then drove home to Norcross.