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2010-10-31 45 -122

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Sun 31 Oct 2010 in 45,-122:
45.4792340, -122.6218138

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[edit] Location

Under a tree at 40th and Woodstock, near Reed College.

[edit] Participants

  • Jim
  • Friend T
  • Friend of Friend T

[edit] Plans

Nothing very concrete

  • 3riador is talking about being there at 4PM
  • APR is thinking about taking public Transit to get there
  • Jim hasn't figured out anything yet

[edit] Expedition

[edit] Jim's Expedition

Jim ended up doing some driving around to help out a friend who was having car troubles. He ended up ferrying someone to the East Side of Portland! So he ended up with one Drag-along brought to the hashpoint, and we met one person met there who was supposed to take the Drag-along to their next destination.

The hashpoint appeared to be in the middle of of the street, right near the intersection. There was a lot of traffic, which made it hard to do the GPS dance.

However, I did get a few pictures, and then I looped around the block and did a speed racer through the hashpoint. It was also an almost holy-hash, since there was a church across the street.

[edit] The 5000s' Expedition

Driving back from a weekend on the beach, we swung by the hashpoint the first anniversary of our first Expedition and the tenth anniversary of the day we met.

[edit] Photos

In Camera for now.

[edit] Achievements

  • Land Geohash
  • Drag-Alongs for Jim
  • Speed Racer
Michael5000 & Mrs.5000 earned the first Hashiversary achievement
by visiting a hash point exactly on the first anniversary of their inaugural geohashing expedition.